Photographic Composition



Description and Inspiration

In these ten photographs, I wanted to show different variations of myself and how the music that I listen to reflects how I am as a person. It’s a reflection on how different music styles have shaped the people that listen to them. What draws me to this subject is my own deep connection with music and the different styles I listen to on a daily basis; I wanted to reflect each different genre of music that I listen to by using myself in order to reflect these genres. Every photo has some type of symbolism in it in order to reflect the symbolism in each type of music; the colors of each photo also represent the era that the genre of music was made. I have chosen to depict modern alternative, 1940’s swing, and 1960’s hippie/indie music; Modern alternative music has a slightly grey tint, 1940’s swing is entirely black and white, and 1960’s hippie/indie music has a light colored tint. While I listen to music, I feel as if each style of music has implemented its own history into me and has shaped how I have become as a person. Music has been with me ever since I was born and will always be a part of me, so I wanted to make this as a tribute to the different music styles that have made deep impacts on me. What I hope to communicate through my photographs is that everyone has something that, through inward or outward expression, has shaped how they are as a person and what decisions they have made throughout their lifetime. While I have only chosen three styles of music so far to display, my own personal collection of styles is always expanding as I find new music styles and songs that have changed my experiences with life; my own search for music has lead me to choose my theme, and it is always being added on to as I discover types of music that will ultimately shape my perspective on life.