Design and Brainstorm

Graphic Design Breakdown:

Panic! At The Disco: This poster uses contrasting colors in order to make Brendon, the man in the red jacket, stand out. They also layered him in the text to, not only make the text stand up, but to make him look three dimensional as well. The bushes that are behind him also add a texture to the poster. The small white boarder in the poster also adds a good stopping point for the image as well. I feel intrigued while looking at this photo because his face is looking up somewhere and draws me to ask what he is looking at.

Beauty And The Beast: This poster uses different layering techniques to display the whole range of characters starting with the main one and then branching off into the sub-characters. It also uses specific colors as well to make the image balanced with the colors red, blue, and green. This photo makes me feel interested in the movie it is trying to sell by using actors who play the characters to show what the movie will be about. It is also quite balanced in each placement of the characters as well which is pleasing. The text is also in the center which draws the viewer to look deeper into the poster as well.

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children: This book cover uses a specific photo in order to display the ideas in the book. It’s a little scary looking since the composition is mostly black and white, but it is also interesting and wants me to look further into why the girl is magically floating. The text is also intriguing since it uses different fonts in order to write out the title. It also uses a vignette in the photo to make the photo look more dark and focus the viewers attention. The graphic design that separates the photo from the text also makes me feel like this book is older than it is, which makes it even more interesting to know what is inside.


My theme is going to be about my composition and it will be a poster just for my own use. I think that I will be drawing my face using different reference photos that are in my composition; I will be using a limited palette of colors of green, brown, and blue with a pop of yellow in order to make everything feel relaxed. I’ll be using different hues as well to add different dimensions to the drawing; I want to add depth to the drawing by using the hues of the palette. I want the poster to look happy as well and interesting since it will be promoting my own composition. I also want my text to be original as well, so I will be drawing my own text while using references to different texts. I could use a balanced poster to make it look more intriguing visually along with the rule of thirds in the poster itself.