Welcome To My Page!


My name is Cassidy and this is where I’ll be posting some of my visual art projects for the semester. Feel free to watch and come look at all the interesting stuff I’ll be doing; I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave a comment or a like if you see something that you enjoy.


Spring Break Photos

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Here’s just some photos I took over spring break when everything was green and beautiful. It features two wonderful dogs which are both the sweetest things you could imagine: Annie and Kida.

1960’s Hippie Era

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Here’s my interpretation of how 1960’s era of music would be represented if the genre was reflected upon myself. I used an undertone of specific hues to make the photos seem more ‘psychedelic’ and to contrast with the color of my skin and of the painted flowers on my face. All the photos are of myself and how I would represent this genre of music.